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Bhullar Group’s new facility promises job growth in Nerrandera

Despite encountering a few setbacks, the Bhullar Group is on track to officially recommence operations in Narrandera next month, heralding the promise of increased job opportunities for the town.

Specializing in metals and steel, welded beams, pre-fabricated steel, and steel processing, the group also offers highly skilled labour to the Australian industry through its Bhullar Industrial Training Division. General Manager Michael Bhullar believes that establishing operations in Narrandera will not only benefit the business but also the local community.

“In addition to the jobs and opportunities we are currently advertising for the production facility, it will open up other opportunities because there are other trades we will be employing that are not directly related to our current core business,” he explained. “It will align with other construction projects we are undertaking, such as concreters and other civil engineering workers, providing them with a substantial amount of work.”

The company plans to relocate from Sydney to Narrandera’s Red Hill Industrial Estate, positioning it strategically within close proximity to major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

Last year, the Bhullar Group announced plans to develop workshops on seven hectares of land, reserving an additional 3.5 hectares for future expansion. The initial phase of development involves constructing four workshops totalling 15,000 square meters.

Furthermore, the group is exploring opportunities in the renewable energy sector for next year, a move that could potentially double their workforce if successful.

As operations in Narrandera establish themselves, job opportunities will gradually become available, with plans to employ up to 50 new workers once the first phase of development is complete. Currently, four locals are already employed in the temporary workshop.

However, due to challenges in finding contractors and logistical issues, the group has decided to build a temporary workshop to manage the construction themselves. Despite this setback, Mr. Bhullar is confident that production will resume by mid-May.

“We will officially resume our fabrication works by mid-May using the temporary workshop, which, although temporary, will still be substantial,” he assured. “We have already started relocating our equipment and materials to Narrandera, and in about a fortnight, we will commence commissioning production equipment before resuming production in mid-May.”

The Bhullar Group aims to make Narrandera their primary and sole location for all manufacturing and distribution activities. Mr Bhullar will oversee operations in Narrandera and will relocate once operations are fully operational.

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