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$600k patch up

Sections of the Upper Yorke Road between Bute and Port Broughton, plagued by damage, are set to undergo significant repairs, courtesy of a $600,000 commitment from the state government. The targeted sections, located 15, 23, and 28 kilometres south of Port Broughton, are slated for patching by the end of March, pending favourable weather conditions.

Chief Executive of Barunga West Council, Maree Wauchope, revealed that the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, as part of a collaborative federal-state $168 million Road Safety Program, is exploring enhancements along the Upper Yorke Road. This comprehensive initiative encompasses a range of improvements such as shoulder sealing, audio-tactile line markings, delineation, roadside barriers, and lane/curve widening. The aim is to elevate regional roads, including Upper Yorke Road, to a minimum three-star safety rating.

The announcement of the patching works follows persistent advocacy efforts by Barunga West Council and Member for Narungga, Fraser Ellis. Both entities engaged in extensive lobbying, including presentations to Country Peninsula and direct correspondence with Premier Peter Malinauskas.

Leonie Kerley, Mayor of Barunga West Council, underscored the critical importance of the Upper Yorke Road as a vital link for tourism and essential local transportation needs. She emphasized that roads play a pivotal role in facilitating access to employment, education, healthcare, and other essential services, while also enhancing public safety, bolstering tourism, and driving economic growth.

In addition to government initiatives, the RAA has also advocated for improvements to Upper Yorke Road, echoing the urgent need for infrastructure investment across the state’s road network.

While acknowledging the funding as beneficial, Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis expressed concerns regarding the long-term viability of the road. He emphasized the need for substantial funding to upgrade not only the targeted sections but also other problematic stretches, such as the area between Kulpara and Arthurton.

The Upper Yorke Road, spanning from Port Broughton to Maitland via various townships, has been a focal point of community concern and advocacy efforts. The concerted push for upgrades underscores the shared commitment of local residents, councils, advocacy groups, and government representatives towards ensuring safer and more reliable transportation infrastructure for all.

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