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Fabulous feast

The weather deities smiled upon Barham’s inaugural Feast, blessing it with a miraculous 21-degree evening in April. Patrons revelled in the joyous atmosphere, relishing local delicacies and live music.

The beautifully arranged venue, orchestrated by event company Mack and Mills, hosted over 100 attendees on the boardwalk. Musician Elise Drake’s enchanting performance drew crowds, adding to the festive ambience.

Amidst laughter and melody, a procession of delectable dishes crafted by Ivy Joyce owners Cynthia Burbury and Lauren Mathers delighted guests. A dedicated team comprising Barham High School students, Western Murray Land Improvement employees, and cluBarham staff expertly served the courses.

From citrus-cured cod to succulent beef with pepper berries, each plate was savored to the last bite. Local libations from Restdown Wines, Baham Citrus Gin, and Barham’s own beer selection further elevated the dining experience, expertly managed by cluBarham’s Josh Forster.

Indulgence didn’t stop there; the dessert featured a rich avocado chocolate mousse with walnut praline, tantalizing the taste buds of all present.

Guests like Murray Downs farmer Rodney Dunn and his wife Valerie echoed the sentiment of a splendid evening celebrating local produce and community spirit.

Former Barham resident Ben Leslie, co-owner of Ramblers Ale Works, praised the town’s commitment to community growth, finding inspiration in the abundance of local offerings showcased at the feast.

Murray Connect Community Liaison Manager Karen Lyons lauded the event’s success, attributing it to the meticulous planning by Mack and Mills, the culinary artistry of Ivy Joyce, and the unwavering support of local businesses and volunteers.

With the resounding success of the inaugural Feast, attendees like Yvette Myhill and her partner Marty emphasized the importance of such gatherings in celebrating and cherishing the community’s treasures.

The evening, marked by camaraderie, gastronomic delights, and musical splendour, left attendees hopeful for many more such occasions to come.

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