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Storm Rips Through Charlton

Last Tuesday's storm was a real ripper, tearing through Victoria and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Charlton and its neighbours weren't spared, copping the full brunt of Mother Nature's fury.

Charlton storm damage revealed

After the tumultuous storm that wreaked havoc across Victoria last Tuesday, the extent of Charlton's devastation became shockingly evident. Within mere minutes of nature's fury, the town bore the scars of what seemed like a mini-tornado. By Thursday of that week, the aftermath was plain to see:

Shelter to prevent livestock heat stress

Ensuring the welfare of livestock is paramount for owners and managers, especially during harsh weather conditions. Providing adequate shelter plays a crucial role in mitigating heat stress and minimizing production losses. By offering shelter, animals can conserve energy typically expended on regulating body temperature.

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