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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Health & Wellness

Sick and waiting

Feeling unwell and stuck waiting for hours at Naracoorte Health Service (public hospital)? It's a frustrating reality for many, and the situation doesn't improve when waiting for an ambulance transfer. Are these lengthy waits a symptom of a struggling regional health system?

Covid jabs, are you up-to-date?

A Queensland Supreme Court bombshell dropped this week as dozens of police officers and health workers, including paramedics, emerged victorious in a massive legal battle over mandatory vaccination. The Supreme Court ruled that such mandates were unlawful

Rural Healthcare Hubs Funded

Six communities in Buloke, Loddon and Gannawarra Shires are about to get a health boost! New Healthcare Hubs are opening up, bringing nurse practitioners and allied health services closer to home, alongside your existing GP.

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