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Ex-tropical cyclone delivers deluge to the Barkly ex-tropical cyclone delivers deluge to the Barkly

Over the weekend, the impact of ex-Tropical Cyclone Lincoln was keenly felt in Tennant Creek, as nearly 200mm of rain drenched the region for two days. This deluge, arriving shortly after the recent substantial rainfall, swiftly led to hazardous conditions for motorists, with standing water accumulating along roadways.

Notably, Lake Mary Ann has surpassed its capacity, spilling over its banks, while Seven Mile Creek surged with swift currents. Travelers are urged to remain vigilant, checking road reports diligently as damage, repair crews, and water accumulation may significantly affect driving conditions. It’s crucial to adapt driving to prevailing conditions for safety.

As the region transitions into the aftermath of the Big Wet, anticipation builds for the imminent transformation of bushland, expected to bloom into a spectacular display of growth unique to this season.

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