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Year 9 Passion Project

As part of the recently introduced Passion Project curriculum for Year 9, students have been exploring and honing their skills across a variety of domains.

Under the shade structure, students are embarking on new projects. They take charge of designing their initiatives, with guidance from their teaching mentors, and subsequently reflect on their learning and achievements.

Feedback gathered from students at the end of the previous term indicated their appreciation for the autonomy and hands-on approach to the subject.

Thanks to the proceeds from the school fete over the past two years and generous donations from three local families through the NGR card, significant progress has been made in completing works under the shade structure on the west side of the school. This week, a skilled team from Melbourne meticulously installed synthetic grass, complete with various ball courts, ensuring that students can enjoy outdoor play and games throughout the year, sheltered from adverse weather conditions. The newly revamped area stands as a splendid addition to the school’s facilities.

During the last term, students delved into baking and cake decorating, explored their flair for interior design, and engaged in small gardening and STEM projects.

This term, some students are participating in visits to Wirrim Lodge to forge connections with older residents, while others are instructing Ms Janet Ingle in the art of fishing. The subject aims to boost student engagement and foster real-world connections with their learning endeavours.

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