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Goldfields Re-Imagined Book Launch

Dig this, gold bugs! New book brings Castlemaine’s rough and tumble past to life

Calling all history buffs and Castlemaine legends! Dust off your shovels and head to the launch of Marjorie Theobald’s new book, “The Goldfields Re-Imagined: Militant Miners, Miscreants and Poor Mary Anne.” This ripper promises to take you deep into the wild west days of the goldfields, with a motley crew of characters you won’t forget.

Forget your fancy balls and high teas, this book dives into the nitty-gritty of the goldfields. Picture sly groggers flogging dodgy hooch, rebellious miners raising hell, and the harsh realities faced by women like “Poor Mary Anne.”

Marjorie ain’t your average historian. Her family tree goes back five generations to the gold rush, so she knows this stuff like the back of her hand. Throw in years of academic research and countless hours digging through dusty documents, and you’ve got an expert who truly knows her onions.

But don’t worry, this ain’t some dry academic tome. Marjorie knows how to weave a yarn that’ll keep you hooked. It’s well-written, entertaining, and brings 19th-century Castlemaine to life, warts and all.

You can snag a copy of “The Goldfields Re-Imagined” at the launch on February 24th at the Castlemaine Market Building, from 3pm to 5pm. Guest speaker, well-known author Robyn Annear, will be there too! After that, you can find it at Stoneman’s Bookshop.

And while you’re marking your calendar, don’t forget the National Trust’s Heritage Month in April. CASSOC is running a tour of the Castlemaine Government Camp on April 27th. Head to their website for more info: www.nationaltrust.org.au/ahf_event/tour-of-the-Castlemaine-government-camp-precinct

So, dust off your curiosity, grab a copy of the book, and get ready to delve into the fascinating (and sometimes shocking) history of Castlemaine

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