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New Bridge For Allora Golf Course

In late 2022, the Allora Sports Club was awarded a grant totalling $179,974, courtesy of the Queensland Government Community and Recreational Assets Recovery and Resilience Program. A portion of this funding was designated for the construction of a new bridge to replace the ageing structure providing access to the Golf Course.

Over the past 26 years, the original bridge has endured numerous floods, leading to gradual deterioration. While still functional, the ongoing threat of flooding poses a risk to its integrity.

In addition to the bridge project, funds from the grant have been allocated for drainage improvements and repairs to creek banks and washouts, enhancing the overall resilience of the area.

Construction on the new bridge commences today, May 1st, located near the 9th green. During this time, golfers are advised that access to the golf course will be redirected through Stuart Henry Park, crossing the bridge on the 9th fairway.

Please note that the bridge will remain closed until further notice as construction progresses.

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