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Monday, June 17, 2024


Probus recovery round-up

The vibrant pace of our community life and full calendars sometimes make it challenging to gather for additional events. Recognizing this, the Buloke Shire's Community Recovery Team is dedicated to providing crucial information at already scheduled community gatherings as part of the Australian and Victorian Government's Community Recovery Hubs program.

Govt deer cull: “Lives at risk

Over 300 people packed the Naracoorte Town Hall, united in their concerns about the State Government's feral deer eradication program. From worried farmers to recreational hunters, the message was clear: change is needed.Many expressed fear for their lives and livestock, with stories of close calls with helicopters and concerns about stray bullets. One young person recounted a chilling experience being chased by a culling helicopter on their own property.

No new paramedics for Clarence

Member for Clarence, Richie Williamson will continue to advocate for more paramedics for the Clarence despite NSW Ambulance informing him that we will receive no additional local paramedics in the latest rollout.

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