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“What about Nollsy?”

Delving into the inner workings of River Daze on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege of catching up with the headline sensation, Shannon Noll, just moments before soundcheck commenced. The 48-year-old, proud father of four, was brimming with excitement for the night’s performance, especially thrilled that it was set against the picturesque backdrop of the Murray River. Hailing from the rural NSW town of Condobolin, Noll, embodying his country roots, eagerly anticipated his inaugural visit to Barham, anticipating a warm reception from the local crowd.

When asked about the contrast between rural and urban performances, Noll expressed his affection for such intimate shows, noting the genuine enthusiasm they tend to evoke, particularly when competing events are scarce. Reflecting on the evening’s menu of music, Noll promised a medley of his greatest hits spanning the years, blending both upbeat and mid-tempo melodies to ensure a memorable night filled with sing-alongs.

Regarding his musical evolution since his Australian Idol days two decades ago, Noll revealed a shift towards his rock ‘n roll influences, citing icons like Jimmy Barnes and Bon Jovi as his guiding lights. Despite his newfound gym routine, Noll confessed to saving his energy solely for his performances, relinquishing any pre-show rituals in favor of giving his all on stage.

As the conversation veered towards family and recent collaborations, Noll shared insights into his latest duet, ‘Don’t You Wanna Stay,’ featuring Cosimo Devito, a venture born from a fortuitous podcast interview. Brimming with anticipation for the night ahead, Noll humorously acknowledged the challenge of matching Devito’s vocal prowess, teasing the audience with the possibility of her surprise appearance.

True to form, Noll’s performance exceeded all expectations, captivating the audience with his trademark charm and raw talent. With heartfelt gratitude, he closed the evening with his iconic anthem, ‘What About Me?’ – a fitting tribute to the unwavering support of the local community.

Acknowledging the instrumental role of Riverdaze in bolstering the Barham Koondrook economy, the event’s organizers expressed sincere appreciation for the generous support of local stakeholders and volunteers. From governmental bodies to small businesses, the collective effort ensured the success of Riverdaze 2024, a testament to the strength of community spirit and collaboration.

In a heartfelt tribute to the unsung heroes behind the scenes, the organizers extended gratitude to the tireless efforts of volunteers, sponsors, and committee members who brought Riverdaze to life. With profound appreciation, they thanked the local community for their unwavering support, ensuring yet another unforgettable celebration of music, camaraderie, and community spirit.

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