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Call for Transperth bus routes to include Yanchep National Park

Just wanted to share my thoughts on the MySay transport survey put out by the WA Government. I reckon it’s high time we had a yarn about the proposed bus routes for Yanchep and Two Rocks.

I’ve been a Yanchep local for a fair dinkum 30 years now. Started me own small biz in Two Rocks yonks ago, but shifted it to Yanchep National Park 18 years back. Now, I don’t catch the bus meself, preferring to drive me own wheels. But let me tell ya, there’s plenty of folks ’round here who do, and they’ve been doing it for donkey’s years.

With all the new houses popping up and the Yanchep train station chugging along, we’re expecting a real swell in population. And with that, you’d reckon there’d be a fair dinkum expectation for some public transport to the National Park, right?

But here’s the rub – there ain’t a mention of a Transperth bus service to the park. Fair dinkum oversight if you ask me.

Having a bus run to the park would open up heaps of opportunities. Volunteers could pitch in easier, folks could snag jobs at the park’s businesses, seniors and young families sans cars could get around, and tourists – local and from out of town – could mosey on over for a squiz.

I can’t wrap me head around why this hasn’t been considered. I’ve seen people hoofing it down Yanchep Beach Road towards the park, and they’re told it’s just a short walk from the last bus stop. Crikey!

I’ve even lent a hand, calling cabs for international visitors and giving locals lifts back home after a day at the park. It’s a real head-scratcher that there used to be a bus route that’d swing past here daily, but now it’s like we’re left out in the cold.

There’s a new tourism spot bang opposite a bus stop, spruiking visits to the National Park. But unless you’ve got a set of wheels, how are you supposed to get there?

A bus to the National Park would be a corker for the community – sorting out transport for leisure, work, and tourism. Here’s hoping the survey shows the lack of consideration for this service, and Transperth gets on board with a route real soon.

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