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Allora 10 students hop Into the world of entrepreneurship

To instill practical entrepreneurial skills, the Year 8 Economics and Business class at Allora P-10 has initiated an exciting project. Their aim is to run a small business venture to raise funds for the school.

The students will begin selling delightful “Easter Tweets” next week, priced at $2 each. These treats come with attached messages, and all staff and students are encouraged to order them and write kind messages for someone they appreciate within the school community. The Easter Tweets will be delivered to classrooms during Week 9.

Under the guidance of their teacher, these aspiring entrepreneurs have been given the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting. According to Fletcher Griffin, head of the human resources team and spokesperson, this project enables them to learn through hands-on experience, covering various aspects of running a successful business.

The students are actively involved in every aspect of the business, including conceptualization, pitching ideas, financial management, marketing, human resources, and operations. Sophie Masters, head of the finance team, highlights their focus on calculating income and expenses to ensure profitability for the school.

Benjamin Mason, head of the operations team, notes how this experience aligns with their current learning unit and upcoming assessments.

Allora P-10 is dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of its students and providing them with opportunities to excel in the dynamic world of business and entrepreneurship.

“The Easter Tweets provide a fun way for our school community to connect and express appreciation for one another,” says Miss Jones. Parents are encouraged to support these students by allowing their children to purchase a $2 Easter Tweet for someone special at Allora State School.

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