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Allora bowls notes

ROUND 6 – We’re thrilled to welcome back our music aficionado, Ryan, after his adventure in Tasmania. We were starting to worry if he’d ever return, so it’s fantastic to have his tunes back in full swing.

Sending our best wishes to Greg Patto following his recent eye surgery. He graced us with his presence sporting his iconic Roy Orbison sunglasses, albeit without his trusty guide dog. He seemed to relish the evening, indulging in a few beers while Leanne filled in for his game. Rumor has it that Greg received an invitation to Gina Rinehardt’s 70th birthday bash in Perth, but he chose to spend the night at bowls instead, perhaps underestimating his value to the team. Any one of us would have happily joined him.

It was a night of consistent scores, with five winning teams clinching victory with 16 points each. The match between Gina’s Babies and Doesn’t Matter was particularly thrilling, with both sides trading blows until the Babies found their winning rhythm, securing 10 points on three ends.


RINK 1: Phoenix Rising 15 defeated Beers, Bowls & Bitches 12;

RINK 2: What A Show 16 defeated The Gecko’s 5;

RINK 3: Peaky Blinders 16 defeated Pig Lures 9;

RINK 4: Cool Cats 16 defeated Spring Creek 9;

RINK 5: Stone Cutters 16 defeated The Three Stooges 9;

RINK 6: Generation Gap 16 defeated Do It Again 8;

RINK 7: Gina’s Babies 17 defeated Doesn’t Matter 6.

TOUCHERS – Glen M, Codie, Ashleigh, Denis, Bev, and John C. Enjoy your chocolates courtesy of Right 1st Time Cleaning. Thank you, Leanne.

RAFFLES – Congratulations to Mick, Bev, Kerry, Denis (twice), Kelly, and Ryan. Many thanks to our sponsors: Allora Butchery, Allora Sports Club, and Railway Hotel.

JACKPOT – Tonight’s second round jackpot of $75 was won by Hethe. Congratulations! Special thanks to the GreenKeeper for their sponsorship.

WINNERS on the night – What a Show; LOSERS – Spring Creek. Thank you to Millstone Group for their sponsorship.

It was another fantastic evening of bowls, with the green in prime condition (thanks to Moley), and everyone enjoying the pleasant weather. See you all next week for Round 7!

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