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Beware Bank Impersonation Scams

Crikey! Bank impersonation scams swindling millions in Aussie pockets

Be alert, mates! Bank impersonation scams are running rampant, fleecing Aussies of over $20 million in 2022 alone, according to ScamWatch. These sneaky buggers are posing as Bendigo Bank and other trusted brands, tricking folks into handing over their hard-earned cash and personal details.

These scams come in all shapes and sizes, slithering in via phone calls, text messages, emails, social media posts, and even search engine results and ads. They’re getting more cunning too, mimicking real bank communications with fancy language and even “spoofing” phone numbers to appear legit.

But don’t get rattled! Bendigo Bank’s Head Honcho of Fraud, Jason Gordon, wants you to know the signs of these scams so you can send them packing:

  • Fake urgency: The message creates a sense of panic, claiming your account is under attack or needs immediate action.
  • Suspicious links: Don’t click on any links in dodgy messages, even if they look real. Always go to the bank’s website directly.
  • Phony phone numbers: Don’t trust the number displayed on your screen. Use the official bank contact details you know and trust.
  • Money transfer tricks: No real bank will ever ask you to transfer funds to another account, especially for “safety” reasons. It’s a scam!

Bendigo Bank is fighting back, educating folks and sharing examples of these scams. They’ve even removed all links from their SMS messages to avoid confusion.

But remember, the best defense is your own awareness. Be suspicious, double-check everything, and if something feels off, say no, hang up, and report it to Bendigo Bank or ScamWatch. Don’t let these dodgy characters empty your pockets!

Here’s the key takeaway:

  • Bank impersonation scams are on the rise.
  • Be wary of messages creating urgency, using suspicious links, or asking for money transfers.
  • Verify all communication directly with the bank using their official contact details.
  • Report any suspicious activity to Bendigo Bank or ScamWatch.

Stay safe and vigilant, cobbers!

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