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Camels on the Darling Downs?

The recent triumph of Scenic Rim’s Summer Land Camels at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show might inspire some farmers on the Downs to consider integrating camels into their livestock herds.

Summer Land Camels from Queensland secured top honours at the 2024 Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show, clinching Gold for Camel Milk, Silver for Camel Milk Persian Feta, and Bronze for Camel Milk Powder. This prestigious event is highly regarded within the industry.

Paul Martin, the founder and director of Summer Land Camels, expressed his elation at the consistent success of their products, marking the seventh consecutive year of recognition. He highlighted their commitment to innovation, particularly in developing new products while preserving the health benefits of camel milk.

Rather than resorting to culling these remarkable animals, Martin advocates for building a sustainable industry around them, a mission actively pursued by Summer Land Camels.

Although camels are not a novelty on the Darling Downs and have historical significance, their population has posed challenges, leading to feral camel issues. Martin believes that utilising these animals through harvesting is a preferable solution to culling.

Could this recognition and growing interest lead to an increase in the number of camels seen on the Downs in the years ahead?

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