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Drink driver collides with light pole

A male driver has been reported following a collision with a light pole in Marion Bay. Emergency services were called to the scene after a Toyota Rav4 struck a pole around 10:15 pm on Friday, March 15. The driver, a 40-year-old man from Ascot Park, underwent a breath test, revealing a blood alcohol level of 0.225, which is over four times the legal limit. He was subsequently reported for driving without due care and driving under the influence. As a result, he received a 12-month instant loss of license and will be summoned to appear in the Maitland Magistrates Court at a later date.

During the Adelaide Cup long weekend from March 8 to 11, South Australia Police conducted a state-wide traffic operation aimed at deterring and detecting behaviors that could lead to road accidents and injuries. While there were no fatalities during this period, seven individuals sustained serious and potentially life-altering injuries due to road trauma.

The operation resulted in the detection of various traffic offenses, including over 55 instances of driving under the influence of alcohol and approximately 68 positive drug test results. Additionally, 601 speeding offenses, 24 seatbelt infringements, and 34 cases of mobile phone use while driving were recorded.

Darren Fielke, Superintendent and officer in charge of the traffic services branch, emphasized the importance of addressing dangerous driving behaviors such as failing to yield and maintaining a safe distance. Despite the absence of fatalities, 206 offenses related to unsafe driving practices were identified during the long weekend operation. Fielke urged all road users to prioritize safety and adhere to road regulations to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of everyone on the roadways.

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