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Green bins on the cards for Greenmount Nobby

Greenmount and Nobby may soon join the majority of the region in having the option of green waste bins by the year’s end. Presently, households in Greenmount, Nobby, Clifton, and Ryeford lack the choice of utilizing green waste bins alongside their regular general waste and recycling bins. Unlike general waste and recycling bins, green waste bins are voluntary and not mandatory.

These bins are emptied every fortnight, alternating with recycling bins. The Toowoomba Regional Council Water and Waste Services Acting General Manager, Jaek Passier, stated that the council is in the early stages of formulating a strategic expansion plan for kerbside collection services, encompassing green waste, general waste, and recycling for the southern region.

The finalization of this expansion plan is expected in the latter part of the year, contingent upon the availability of financial and human resources. The plan is projected to outline potential services and locations, rollout timeframes, and change management processes, including stakeholder engagement and communication strategies.

The council aims to provide more kerbside collection services where there is a demonstrated need and within budgetary constraints. Interested residents have the option to register their interest in receiving a kerbside collection service. Apart from Toowoomba City and its surroundings, other towns in the region already benefiting from green bins include Cambooya, Pittsworth, Millmerran, Brookstead, Oakey, and Hodgson Vale.

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