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Musician releases song inspired by Threeways Roadhouse

A musician from New South Wales has unveiled his affection for Warumungu country through a newly released song titled “Threeways.” Kevin Sullivan, hailing from Gerrigong, penned the track during his travels with his family band, the Sulli-Vans, amidst the COVID pandemic.

“We were on the road, living in our sponsored caravan, journeying from outback Queensland into the Northern Territory during the peak of the COVID period,” Sullivan shared. “Having covered over 170,000 kilometers and performed more than 270 shows, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Nearly depleted of funds and surrounded by vast emptiness, we stumbled upon the Threeways Roadhouse.”

Reflecting on numerous past visits to the roadhouse while touring with bands, Sullivan emphasized the profound hospitality extended by the roadhouse owners and staff, serving as the inspiration behind the song.

“Threeways” embodies the rhythmic pulse of the Australian outback, capturing its arid expanse, rich culture, and the warm hospitality of its inhabitants. Sullivan described the song as an invitation for travelers to pause and experience an iconic roadhouse nestled in the remote heart of Australia, often manned by backpackers and serving as a sanctuary for those traversing the crimson landscape.

With a tongue-in-cheek nod to prospective tourists, Sullivan cheekily croons, “If you’re coming to Australia and you’ve only got one week, call in to the Threeways Roadhouse, 15 miles out of Tennant Creek.”

Sullivan envisions “Threeways” evolving into an anthem for travelers exploring the outback, expressing hope that Tourism Australia takes notice. His forthcoming album, also titled “Threeways,” is slated for release this year.

Listeners can enjoy the track “Threeways” by visiting the following link: Threeways Track

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