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Students undertake work Experience

During the week of March 4 to 8, Year 11 students from Donald High School engaged in a valuable work experience program. The initiative saw eleven students venture to Ballarat to immerse themselves in various workplaces, while four others explored opportunities in Hamilton, Kyabram, Melbourne, and Swan Hill. One student opted to remain in Donald for their work experience.

Throughout the week, students gained practical exposure across a diverse array of industries including kindergarten, personal care, childcare, education, hair and beauty, fitness, retail, accountancy, building and construction, civil engineering, butchering, steel fabrication, animal care, and work safety. This hands-on experience not only provided insights into potential career paths but also acquainted students with the nuances of commuting to work, particularly through the Ballarat bus system.

Despite initial apprehensions and occasional mishaps such as missed buses, all students successfully navigated their way to their respective workplaces, thereby bolstering their self-confidence. They learned valuable lessons about punctuality, meal planning, appropriate work attire, and the structured routines of employment. Even if some students found themselves in occupations or environments that didn’t align with their long-term aspirations, they still gleaned significant personal growth from the experience of working alongside unfamiliar faces.

In the evenings, students had the opportunity to dine out, catch movies, or enjoy bowling, fostering a sense of camaraderie and relaxation after productive days. Mr. Rigby and Mrs. Medlyn, the accompanying teachers for the Ballarat cohort, received commendations for the exemplary conduct and achievements of their students. The positive feedback from employers further underscored the students’ dedication and professionalism, with several even receiving offers for apprenticeships as a testament to their performance.

Congratulations to all participating students for their exemplary efforts and accomplishments during the work experience program. Geoff Rigby and Karen Medlyn extend their pride and gratitude to each student for their outstanding contributions.

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