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Govt deer cull: “Lives at risk

Concerns Fly as Community Rallies Against Deer Culling Program

Naracoorte Town Hall packed as residents voice fear, frustration with aerial cull:

Over 300 people packed the Naracoorte Town Hall, united in their concerns about the State Government’s feral deer eradication program. From worried farmers to recreational hunters, the message was clear: change is needed.

Safety fears top the list:

Many expressed fear for their lives and livestock, with stories of close calls with helicopters and concerns about stray bullets. One young person recounted a chilling experience being chased by a culling helicopter on their own property.

Respect for landownership demanded:

Farmers voiced frustration at being stripped of their right to choose pest control methods. They called for options like ground shooting, emphasizing their ability to ensure safe and humane culling.

Waste not, want not:

Participants lamented the sight of thousands of deer carcasses left to rot, arguing that the valuable resource could be utilized for meat and antlers. Others highlighted the program’s ineffectiveness, pointing to the failure to eradicate other feral animals.

Seeking a balanced approach:

While acknowledging the need for deer control, the community emphasized the importance of safety, respect for land ownership, and responsible resource management. They called for programs that involve hunters, utilize deer resources, and prioritize humane methods.

Opposition slams government, board defends program:

Opposition politicians criticized the program for forcing participation, neglecting safety protocols, and bullying landowners. The Limestone Coast Landscape Board defended its approach, citing landowner permission, safety procedures, and economic benefits for farmers.

Calls for transparency and collaboration:

Both sides agree on the need for open communication and collaboration. The community demands clearer information, improved safety measures, and meaningful engagement with hunters and landowners. Opposition politicians urge the government to address community concerns and consider alternative approaches.

Key Points:

  • Community strongly opposes current deer culling program due to safety concerns, lack of landowner choice, and resource waste.
  • They demand safer, more respectful, and inclusive control methods.
  • Both sides call for improved communication and collaboration.
  • Future of program remains uncertain as debate continues.


This rewrite summarizes the key points of the story while using Australian English and focusing on the community’s perspective. It omits the government’s claims about the opposition party and emphasizes the need for a solution that addresses community concerns.

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