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Charlton 100 Years Ago

At Mr. Richard Sait’s residence in Teddywaddy, a joyous gathering celebrated the esteemed presence of Miss Vera Wood, who was bid farewell as she embarked on a new journey at Glenloth. Residents warmly expressed their gratitude and presented thoughtful gifts to Miss Wood, underscoring her popularity in the community. Mr. Rumble extended his well wishes for her future endeavors, followed by heartfelt remarks from Teddywaddy locals, acknowledging Miss Wood’s pivotal role in the school’s success during her tenure. Mr. Charles Wood conveyed his gratitude on behalf of his fiancée, culminating in an evening of socializing and dancing, enjoyed by over 60 couples in a transformed barn.

The Teddywaddy Rovers Football Club convened at the Walsh residence, drawing an encouraging turnout of 40 members and supporters. The election of officers saw Mr. W. Tobin elected as President, with a dedicated committee appointed to steer the club’s affairs. Amidst discussions on club colors and plans for a junior competition, optimism abounded for the club’s future prospects.

In Charlton, signs of growth were evident as construction plans for a wood-working factory took shape. Messrs. W. Nabbs and Son’s initiative to establish the factory, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, reflected the town’s evolving industrial landscape. Additionally, considerations for a new mill, spearheaded by Messrs. T. J. Noske and J. H. Denham, highlighted Charlton’s potential for further development, albeit contingent on various infrastructure factors.

Addressing safety concerns, the council proposed a speed limit by-law within town limits, aimed at ensuring road safety for residents. Meanwhile, in Yeungroon, a successful dance fundraiser bolstered support for the local tennis club, showcasing the community’s spirit of camaraderie and support for recreational activities.

On the sporting front, the reformed Cricket Club in Corack kicked off its season with a resounding victory, setting a promising tone for future matches. And amidst these community updates, Mr. R. J. Smith, a local entrepreneur, relocated his business to a familiar location, offering an array of tobacco products and grooming essentials.

As life unfolds in these bustling locales, each event and initiative contributes to the vibrant tapestry of community life, fostering unity, progress, and shared experiences among residents.

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