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Cooking up milestones

Moonta’s Meals on Wheels branch is marking a significant milestone as it celebrates 55 years of dedicated service, currently providing 80 meals per day to the Copper Coast community. The branch’s kitchen first opened its doors in 1968, with meal production commencing the following year. In 1971, Kadina and Wallaroo branches were established, eventually merging in 2017 to form a singular branch headquartered in Moonta.

Faye Rose, a longstanding member recently appointed as the branch coordinator, along with her husband Philip Rose, has been an integral part of Moonta’s Meals on Wheels for the past decade. Reflecting on their involvement, Faye expressed how their initial motivation to engage with the community led them to dedicate three days a week to the service, a commitment they continue to uphold.

Similarly, chairperson Peter Anderson, who joined the organization upon his retirement in 2017, shared his enthusiasm for contributing to the community, highlighting the rewarding nature of the work and his intention to remain involved for as long as possible.

The service operates with the invaluable support of volunteers, with six individuals working tirelessly in the kitchen each weekday morning to prepare nutritious meals. These meals are then distributed in five rounds by an additional team of ten volunteers, accompanied by a driver, some of whom are in their 80s, ensuring residents across the three towns receive their meals promptly.

Peter Anderson emphasized the multifaceted nature of the delivery visits, offering not only nourishment but also a vital opportunity for social engagement and the assessment of additional support services that may benefit the recipients.

While the Covid-19 pandemic presented challenges, including a temporary closure of the kitchen and altered delivery methods, the Moonta Meals on Wheels team persevered, demonstrating unwavering dedication to their mission.

Despite facing difficulties in recruiting new team members, the existing volunteers consistently go above and beyond to fulfill their responsibilities, fostering a sense of community and support.

Vivienne Lunsmann, who joined the branch in 2004 and now serves as treasurer, fondly recalls past holiday seasons when volunteers creatively crafted festive treats for customers, showcasing the team’s commitment to spreading joy.

The Moonta Meals on Wheels branch extends a warm welcome to new volunteers and can be reached at 8825 2417 on weekday mornings for those interested in contributing to this essential service.

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