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Monday, April 22, 2024

Guides celebrate World Thinking Day

Tennant Creek’s been mighty lucky to have a cracking Girl Guide crew in town for donkey’s years.

World Thinking Day rolls around once a year, a ripper celebration of the Girl Guide and Girl Scout movement worldwide. It’s a chance for girls and leaders to get together, chew the fat, and suss out how to tackle the big global issues right here in our community.

The Tennant Creek Guides and their top-notch leaders got together on Thursday evening to give World Thinking Day the fair dinkum treatment at the Guide Hall. Plus, they dished out a bunch of well-deserved awards to both the girls and the leaders who’ve been giving it their all.

Local legend Steve Edgington had the honor of handing out leadership qualifications to “Pixie” and “Pilkana,” and he made sure to give “Rosella” her Assistant District Manager stripes too. That’s a whole year’s worth of hard yakka in planning, programming, First Aid Training, and making sure the kiddos are safe and sound.

Seven girls took their oath, kicking off their guiding journey, while five girls renewed their vows. A couple of sheilas earned their Silver Endeavour Award, one young gun scored her Junior BP badge, and one of the more seasoned gals snagged the Black Opal Award. It’s a fair dinkum testament to the dedication of both the girls and the leaders, living up to the guiding principles and knocking it out of the park.

A big shoutout goes to all the award recipients – ya beaut effort, mate!

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